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About Gallagher's Employer Research & Insights (ERI)

Gallagher's Employer Research & Insights (ERI) is part of the Human Resources Compensation Consulting Practice. ERI is a healthcare market research, strategy and communications firm. Founded in 1989, we are based in St. Louis and have offices in Chicago, Nashville, and Washington D.C. Our team shares a passion for healthcare problem solving and a strong commitment to helping our customers understand, plan and succeed.

The Employer Market Intelligence (EMI) service was launched in 2005, providing an in-depth analysis of the employer marketplace through quantitative and qualitative research. Ever since, we’ve worked to help biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic testing manufacturers better understand employer and coalition trends, perspectives, needs and expectations related to health programs. We also provide expertise for the development of effective market strategies and communications through custom surveys and interviews, advisory boards, and account team deployment and training.

The Employer Research & Insights team continues to provide customers with confidential and proprietary customer and market research, strategy and strategic communications support focused on health and healthcare value.

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